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About Softouch Spa

The three Rs – Relaxation, Refreshment and Renewal – lie at the heart of the Softouch Spa philosophy. From its early beginnings in Kerala India, the traditional home of Ayurveda, Softouch Spa has drawn both inspiration and knowledge of age-old Ayurvedic remedies from the South Indian state's lush storehouse of Nature. Guests at every Softouch Spa benefit from the collective experience of a highly trained team of therapists, certified Ayurvedic practitioners, medical doctors, beauticians, researchers and academicians who together create the highly sought-after holistic Softouch Spa experience.

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Vision & Mission of Softouch Spa


With a view to integrate modern spa techniques with therapies that have stood the test of time, the vision of Softouch has always been to create a spa experience that is holistic, authentic and timeless.


As a brand, Softouch promotes excellence in practice and service – seeking to offer guests treatments and therapies that draw on nature and are backed by research and years of experience.


The Softouch way goes beyond a mere session at the spa – it seeks a complete renewal of the body, mind and soul in the belief that healthy individuals make a healthy society.This individualistic approach guides the company’s own culture, which is proudly inclusive and nurturing.


Softouch aims for success throughout its global spa network in the belief that a highly profitable luxury spa operation serves to reaffirm the quality of its offering.

Why Softouch Ayurveda

Softouch Ayurveda where tradition meets Quality, Hygiene and Luxury The story of Ayurveda, the science of life, transcending time and teller, healing the teller and soothing the listener is a story with no ending, but multiple beginnings opening up into infinite possibilities. The thread of this tale runs right through the fabric and texture of Indian life. It is believed to be as old as cosmos interweaves fact and fantasy, myth and matter, science and sagas.In 1997 Softouch Ayurveda initiated with the objective of propagating Ayurveda worldwide. Our faster pace of life and departure from nature’s rhythm is often attributed to be the main cause of many present day health problems. The body, mind, heart and spirit are all subjected to the ravages of day-to-day stress. The natural system of Ayurveda works to restore our ability to get in touch with our natural rhythm. The concept of Ayurvedic health holidays is becoming popular all over the world as a way to refresh, revitalize, de-stress and detox. From the traditional Elakkizhi treatment that uses warm bags of roasted leaves to boost circulation and restore a glow to your skin, to the cooling Sirodhara treatment utilizing a special decoction of herbal oils poured in a swirling pattern on the forehead – the treatments work with your body to induce a sense of complete relaxation and well-being. Surrender to the hands of the therapists as they massage each marma or pressure point, or indulge in a nourishing Navarakkizhi treatment that includes oil, warm rice and milk massages to strengthen the body, brighten the skin and ease stiff joints – you will walk out of the spa totally renewed. Softouch's tailor made natural therapies are designed to drain away body toxins, re-establish biological balance and minimize stress levels. At Softouch we define health as ‘purity’ of the body, mind and soul. We are the first group to begin the incorporation of Ayurvedic spa therapies and treatments in a luxury spa setting at some of the world’s most prestigious hotels. Our treatments reflect the authentic Ayurvedic practices from the land of its origin, Kerala. Softouch Ayurveda centers carry the Green Leaf stamp, a grading system afforded to the very best Ayurvedic centres in India. There are more than 20 qualified and expertly trained Ayurveda doctors within Softouch's expert panel supported by more than a hundred Ayurvedic therapists. In addition, our R&D department creates its own brand of pure herbal powders, concoctions, medicated massage oils and supplements to be used in our centres.

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Why Softouch Spa

Welcome to a journey of self realization… A whole new dimension of Spa opens up as we learn to touch and communicate with you in a manner that honors your uniqueness and body type. The spa-experience then becomes a context where your true nature can blossom and unfold. Inevitably, this is what each one of us seeks. Our wide range of luxurious face and body treatments are tailor made through a diagnosis to further customize product selection and treatment for your body nature. Softouch s therapist-driven customization is the effective way to make each client feel like they are being treated specially and individually. With spacious and fully equipped treatment rooms, Softouch spa encompasses both health and wellness elements to ensure a relaxing and pleasurable experience. Softouch spa features elements of nature such as water stream, stone floors, pebble tiles and silk walls in a blend that is truly soothing and relaxing. Our Spa menu offers more than 60 ranges of therapies other than health care programs for rejuvenation, detoxification, stress relief, skin care etc. Pampering pool side treatments and personalized fusion Spa treatments avoid monotony and improve outcome. Softouch spas perform an extensive range of luxurious facial and body treatments. While Ayurveda takes the lead among our spa therapies, we offer the best of Western & South East Asian spa systems as well – from Swedish, Balinese and Thai massages to Hot Stone and Hydro therapies, Reflexology, Anti-Cellulite, Executive, Beautification and Slimming treatments, tailormade facials including Luxury Caviar and gold facial from Swiss Beauty range and specialty treatments such as Sports or Pregnancy massages. Our treatments draw on the healing properties of the Earth through natural materials – from heat-storing volcanic basalt rocks that warm the muscles and free them of deep-rooted stress, to the intense moisturizing properties of creamy yogurt wraps, fruity Mango Passion Scrubs and the floral scent of lavender-infused oils. Soak in the vitamin-rich goodness of the Luminous C & Sea Facial, cocoon yourself in an Aromatic Moor Mud Wrap or just surrender to the gentle rolling techniques of a traditional Balinese massage… whether it’s relaxation, restoration or rejuvenation you are after, our balanced mix of treatments and therapies will leave you looking and feeling your very best.


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